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I can't find my REM cycle.

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Lucid Initiate
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I can't find my REM cycle.
PostPosted: Thu 03 Nov, 2011  Reply with quote

I have no clue how to go about finding my REM cycle. I want to be able to WBTB WILD successfully but i dont know what my cycle is.

Please help!

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PostPosted: Thu 03 Nov, 2011  Reply with quote

You enter rem about every 90 minutes after sleep so about 4.5 6 7.5 and 9 hours is a good time to WBTB. I am still trying to find mine haha its not easy but using auto suggestion helps me. I don't think with WBTB and WILD you really need to do it a certain time, I've done mine at all different times during the night and been successfully. I would suggest doing it as late as you can, since your rem gets longer the later you sleep. Good Luck :D

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