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Dream character telling people they are dreaming

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Dream character telling people they are dreaming
PostPosted: Fri 20 Jun, 2014  Reply with quote

i had this dream yesterday where nothing really special , i was mad because after doing something i made a girl character not exist so i made her come back idk how i just wanted her to and demanded it and she did she hugged me and she whispered in my ear " your mom doesn't want us to be together" and she disappeared , she was wearing this beautiful red dress , i was really mad so i started hovering , then one of the characters in the dream who i was with started telling the other dream characters this is a dream this is all not real this is all imaginary . how did he do that ? why ?

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PostPosted: Sat 21 Jun, 2014  Reply with quote

Since the dream characters are just manifestation of your subconscious it would stand to reason that after making these changes in your dream you realized on a subconscious level that none of this could be real. So these manifestations began talking about this realization amongst themselves.

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