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How early in the day is it recommended to practice WILD?

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How early in the day is it recommended to practice WILD?
PostPosted: Mon 23 Jul, 2012  Reply with quote

It's 6:55 PM over here right now, and I consider trying WILD - but is it too late for that?
How early in the day is it generally recommended to practice this technique?
I don't need to go to bed until about 1-2 AM or so, if that matters.

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PostPosted: Mon 23 Jul, 2012  Reply with quote

All best-result WBTB's are achieved by natural awakening - as in, no alarm clock. If you wake up and feel like going back to sleep again, then that's the signal to go for a WILD/MILD or whichever technique you intent to practice. However, if you have woken up and don't feel like falling asleep again, then it's too late.

Alarms tend to ruin the sleep cycles in such ways that you can't go to sleep afterwards if you plan on keeping yourself awake for a technique. I believe it's because of the fact that, in the origin, in tribes and wars people were woken up brutally by a bell or loud noise in case of an attack. The brain adapted to that impulse and if it's woken up brutally (e.g. by an alarm clock) it will tend to stay alert, at least for some time.

Don smile

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PostPosted: Mon 23 Jul, 2012  Reply with quote

I've always been using an alarm to wake up for WILD and I did not notice any side-effects. Of course, natural wake-up works as well. The time should be after 4.5-6 hours after falling asleep. So if you fall asleep at 23:00 (in example), then you should set your alarm clock (or use autosuggestion to wake up) at about 4 o'clock.

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PostPosted: Wed 08 Aug, 2012  Reply with quote


I use auto suggestion in order to wake myself up during the night.
I tell myself that i will wake up at the end of my dreams in 4/5 hours.
But i always end up waking up later than i wanted but earlier than if i just went to sleep normally.
So when i try any technique, i have troubles going back to sleep. Even if i just lay in bed.

Do you have any advices?

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PostPosted: Wed 08 Aug, 2012  Reply with quote

It's very hard to achieve a WILD because you have to really want it because when you wake up 4.5 - 6 hours after you went to bed, the main thing on your mind is 'I Want to go to sleep!' the best thing to do is set your alarm the other side of the room so you have to get up to turn it off and then you are already out of bed and will be more awake already.
If you use auto suggestion you could go to get a drink of water and/or throw some water on your face?

Good Luck smile

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PostPosted: Wed 08 Aug, 2012  Reply with quote

quick add-on, an easy way to wake up in night naturally is to just drink lots of water before going to sleep. it'l wake you up, and you'll have to get out of bed.

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