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Have you ever acted "Out of character"?

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Novice dreamer
Novice dreamer
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Have you ever acted "Out of character"?
PostPosted: Sun 05 Aug, 2012  Reply with quote

I've had plenty of dreams where the things I've done haven't made much sense. That's just how dreaming goes sometimes. But last night I had a dream that was completely different. In the dream I was actively seeking death, finding a way to commit suicide. The intent was so strong that it is all I remember from the dream.

When I woke up the feeling persisted for a little while. It was really bizarre. Of course I would never do such a thing so I consider it "Out of character" for myself. Thinking about it I'm more curious that anything else, I have no idea what would cause me to think in such a way other than I was asleep and not thinking straight. It stands out for me though because in nearly all of my dreams I have little or no intent and just go with the flow, never questioning anything.

So what I'm asking is, has anyone else had a dream where they acted strongly out of character and has anyone else woken up and had elements of a dream persist like that.

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New member
New member
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PostPosted: Mon 06 Aug, 2012  Reply with quote

I have had a few dreams where I acted out of character for me.They bug me and my day feels off when it happens.

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PostPosted: Tue 07 Aug, 2012  Reply with quote

I always act very unlike myself in dreams, but many times I don't catch it because I also do things that are very much me. Sometimes I pick up on it and become lucid. For example, it was Christmas in a dream, and all my family was over, and I hadn't gotten any of them presents! That's something I would never do IRL so I became lucid. Try to remember to RC whenever you don't act like yourself, although this is easier said then done

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