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Dreams - how do they look for you ? ( Blurry? Colorful? etc)

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Dreams - how do they look for you ? ( Blurry? Colorful? etc)
PostPosted: Fri 19 Oct, 2012  Reply with quote

Hello guys.I wanna ask you how do you remember your dreams (i mean how do they look for you).Because my DR is bad I think that's the main reason I see my dreams black and white and blurry(i think i see them colorful while dreaming but remember them BnW).I wanna know if that's normal and if my DR is going to improve their VIVIDness .If that's how im gonna remember my dreams im worried that if i get LD ill remember it just like daydreaming( isn't LD good for the realism).So how do you see your dreams ?

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PostPosted: Fri 19 Oct, 2012  Reply with quote

My dreams are sometimes blurry and foggy, and sometimes extremely colorful and vivid.

There's the blurriness that comes from the dream actually being blurry, and the blurriness from having trouble remembering. The second one is sort of like after you pass out from heavy drinking, and try to remember the previous night.

Sometimes in dreams, I make an observation on how colorful and vivid a view is (Both in normal and lucid dreams). Other times, there is actual fog in my dreams, but that doesn't mean it's not vivid. It's just really foggy, but if I look at something close by it looks extremely vivid. This usually happens in my LDs.

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PostPosted: Fri 19 Oct, 2012  Reply with quote

If I sleep healthy then my dreams tend to last for a pretty long time, and they are vivid enough to allow me to feel fairly present in the moment.
Certainly not as vivid as real life, but a bit more vivid than a typical dream.

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PostPosted: Wed 24 Oct, 2012  Reply with quote

My dreams are like yours, but as I get lucid dreams they became more vivid. Once I even had a WILD where I thought that I wasn't sleeping, but RC helped me. It was soooo real like I see world right now with my eyes.. They will get more vivid, colorful with experience in dream world in my opinion

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PostPosted: Wed 24 Oct, 2012  Reply with quote

My dreams are often mixed; especially when I started out. But as you get used to Lucid dreams they seem to last longer, for example: my few first LD last about 20 secs on average and now my latest LD lasted about 20 mins! and not blurry like my first few.
Basically just keep at it and it will improve the blurriness, as for the BnW I would suggest really focusing on every detail when you wake up and try really hard to determine whether this was a BnW dream or normal. Also you could use a MILD before going to bed. (search what MILD is if you dont know) For instance: "I will dream in color and remember my dreams with every detail." customize it to suit yourself and hopefully this might help. :D
~ Bean Head

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PostPosted: Wed 24 Oct, 2012  Reply with quote

My dreams are often as vivid or maybe better than real life. My vision is just slightly marred in real life, but in dreams, everything is crisp and vivid and generally very "artsy", if you know what I mean by that (clever use of colors, hues, design, etc.). It's like comparing a high-definition movie to something of a slightly lesser standard. I hope you succeed on your quest for vividness! smile

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