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What is the weirdest/coolest ability you have had in a ND?

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Novice dreamer
Novice dreamer
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PostPosted: Wed 21 Jun, 2017  Reply with quote

Teleporting! Entering a specific dreamuniverse at will. Accidental time-travel, but I knew how to fix it.

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New member
New member
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PostPosted: Fri 06 Jul, 2018  Reply with quote

The most common: flying.

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PostPosted: Sat 07 Jul, 2018  Reply with quote

I can't believe my thread is still alive after five years. I'll add some weird/cool abilities I've had:

- Going sideways in time: I was chasing the alpha werewolf that had infected my brother. He was unreachable by time travel, since he was outside time. I was dead set on saving my brother, so I willed myself outside of the time stream. There was nothing outside time, just dark void and the alpha werewolf.

- Having godlike powers, inspired by my personality: In a dream inspired by Homestuck, I saw myself in a godhood, clothing of a god. The symbols and colors led me to believe I had the aspects Blood and Space. In Homestuck, your personality determines what powers you get. I tested my powers and...well, I'll just quote my dream in spoiler tags:
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