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Iphone apps for lucid dreams????

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Iphone apps for lucid dreams????
PostPosted: Mon 25 Nov, 2013  Reply with quote

Hey ppl,
Am gonna get my new Iphone...Jus wanted suggesstions for some good Iphone apps that can induce LD...I've heard abt one app that uses motion sensor to detect ur REM sleep and project verbal cues to induce LD. Has anyone tried that? is it effective? Pls suggest me some more good apps to induce LD'ing.


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PostPosted: Thu 09 Jan, 2014  Reply with quote

Dream:ON is probably what you're thinking. I've used it for a while. No luck with it getting me lucid, but that technique has never worked for me. The app has a nice interface and is pretty cool, so I'd totally recommend it.

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