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Do you have anything to tell me?

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Do you have anything to tell me?
PostPosted: Tue 25 Feb, 2014  Reply with quote

Good Evening all!

I am a hiphop producer, inspired by lucid dreams - I quite oftern dream of creating music in a dream but dont remember how it sounds but still have an intuative knowledge of the feeling of the song.

I have just joined LD4all (have been meaning to for a while but I have been procrastinating), I have been interested in lucid dreaming all my life, but have only just started to read around the subject really (last year).

Now understanding the mechanics of the dreamscape, characters and plot, I have now began to ask the dream if it has anything to tell me, this usually takes the form of a ceiling if im in a room, a wall or fench if im outside, or just the awareness behind the dream (which is the aim).

Last night I became lucid and remember my goal to ask if the dream had anything to tell me, suddenly a band apperaed in the room i was in (similar to my bedroom) and started to play a familiar song (that i dont remember now) there were two brass players (trumpets i think, well one definately) only the trumpet player closet to me would have solo sections where he would sound completely off key but it still sounded like the song i recognised (like an amateur).
I then asked the dream to be "more clear" with the info as I leaned forward the band stopped playing and started handing me bundels of dry spaghetti wrapped up in handfuls of white plastic?!?

Im not quite sure how that was clearer? but the only meaning I can take from the first message is that I need to perfect my craft to achieve my recent goals to make it as a musician.

The whole experience was quite exhillerating but I am quite baffled, as previous attempts at this goal have resulted in the dream characters annoucing that I should "smile more" and "ignore advertising" and "not take myself to seriously"

Can anyone share a similar experience?

Current LD goal(s): Find a path
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