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Has anyone else experienced being trapped in LD?

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PostPosted: Mon 28 Apr, 2014  Reply with quote

That's so cool that you can Lucid Dream Without Practice Xaren smile

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PostPosted: Tue 29 Apr, 2014  Reply with quote

Xaren wrote:
dreamosis wrote:
I can "move," but I'm not aware of having a dream body. I do feel myself flying, I suppose, but see nothing and don't make progress in any direction.

Sometimes, in these states, I see faint geometric patterns or blobs of color in the void but it isn't phenomenologically like watching the space behind my closed eyelids (because I can't feel my body in bed at all).

Up 'til now, I've generally thought of these as non-REM LDs. They do transition, sometimes, to either faint or full-color lucid dreams.

Is not a Dream state, is a transition. The colors you see are Hypnagogic.
I experience that almost everytime i do WILD.
It will disappear when you go a step further, and transcend to a Concious dreaming state (Lucid Dream)

It is the hardest step of WILD though.

It actually is the hardest part. So many dreamers stumble on that part but the funny thing is if you know what to do only a split second is needed to make a transition.

If you would be so kind, what are your ways of making the transition?!

I usually go with the feeling, if I feel some funny body sensations that are more like spinning then I would roll over to my side and by doing that I would imagine myself in a dream, the same goes with sinking of floating sensations. The most uncommon and illogical is the one where I let myself fall asleep. I didn't mention before but I always feel the peek of those sensations and in that moment I make a transition.

The very first time I made a transition was by consciously making the decision that I wanna fall asleep and be in a dream the next second because all the tries before I would come to this peek of sensations and I didn't know what to do. When I didn't do anything but just observing the feeling and sensations everything would succumb and I would be even more awake then I was when I went to bed.

So one night as I was repeating the history I just had it already and I decided that I will now, at that moment let myself fall asleep and be in a dream next next I opened my eyes and as I let myself fall asleep there was a blackout for a second and next thing I know I'm in a dream, extremely aware and lucid.

Few night in a row I did the same thing just to be sure that it wasn't luck...

So what are your ways?!

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PostPosted: Tue 29 Apr, 2014  Reply with quote


When I was younger, I would get stuck in lds. I learned how to lucid dream from having nightmares and through that process learned to take control. As I exerted more and more control over the negative aspects of my dreams, they began to grow stronger. They become so strong that I was unable to wake myself up, thereby getting stuck in the lucid dream.

After quite a few terrible experiences like this, I came to the solution. Simply put, let go. Be content just being in the void while lucid. The void is a field of pure potential and if you can learn to remain calm in that state, many possibilities arise from that state of mind. So let your mind take you where it will. smile

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PostPosted: Sat 03 May, 2014  Reply with quote

dB_FTS wrote:

If you would be so kind, what are your ways of making the transition?!

When im in the state of transitioning, i usually somehow feel the point when i can just open my eyes and i have an aware false awakening.

Then it just starts.
Rarily, mostly when in Non-Rem this stage is even harder.
When WILDing in Non-Rem its usually very hard to get rid of the SP Going over in the dream, i can already see the dream (Opening my eyes, seeing parts of my bedroom) But when trying to force myself to go through the SP and standing up very slowly whilst controlling my breathing to slow down my heartrate i usually end waking up again.

When that happens i do have gained the ability to notice it quickly so i don't open my eyes IWL.
I also don't need any RCs i just know im in a lucid dream.

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