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Do you talk to other peoples about lucid dreaming?

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a drd
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PostPosted: Tue 17 Feb, 2015  Reply with quote

I have only talked about it to the people who have asked about the chat I leave up.

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PostPosted: Wed 18 Feb, 2015  Reply with quote

People hardly like talking about the subject, I don't attempt talking about it anymore, only when someone else starts it.
It hasn't occurred in several years.

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New member
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PostPosted: Tue 11 Aug, 2015  Reply with quote

Hi! I'm new here!

Yes, I'm sharing it to my friends and they are very interested. They are now trying to have LD too.

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PostPosted: Wed 12 Aug, 2015  Reply with quote

Welcome dongtosh.

I tend to talk to people about lucids whenever something comes up that reminds me of a dream I had or wish to have. When talking about games, fictional characters (Anime/Marvel/DC), horror flicks, or extreme stunts it tends to come up and I introduce them to the idea of lucid dreaming if they don't know. Most seem to be interested. I usually size up whether or not they would be open to it without before mentioning it.

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PostPosted: Wed 12 Aug, 2015  Reply with quote

I do talk to other people about lucid dreaming whenever I get the chance. It's probably the only talent I get to boast about.

I tried convincing my friends to practice with me. My best friend is trying really hard to improve his recall, so I'm hoping he'll join this forum soon. :3

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PostPosted: Mon 17 Aug, 2015  Reply with quote

Lucid dreaming, and dreams in general, are sometimes mentioned at my work. Several of my family members are also lucid dreamers, and we sometimes share our lucid dreams in the morning.

Apart from that, it hasn't usually been a topic that has been easy to bring up. My dreams are after all my most private space.

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PostPosted: Mon 14 Sep, 2015  Reply with quote

Protection of LD privacy is one thing and LD knowledge sharing is another.
Knowledge and memories is the only treasure you carry constantly on your person...

I do agree in protecting one's private entity, but disagree to keep a discovered treasure all to myself.
So whenever opportunity arises I do promote LD information.
We all benefit from all forms of consciousness and awareness, be it day or night.
Especially during our commonly neglected night...
So LD awareness promotion is not a new trick for the few, but an educational opportunity for anyone interested in self-discovery.

I strongly recommend all fellow members to share our treasure!!!

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