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Kind of new to Lucid Dreaming

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Kind of new to Lucid Dreaming
PostPosted: Wed 26 Nov, 2014  Reply with quote

So let me start out by saying that I've done some research into Lucid Dreaming and have had several nearly successful attempts. One WILD and nearly six or seven Dream induced lucid dreams.

I have excellent memory and I'm doing my best to do reality checks during the day.

My biggest problem with the WILD method is swallowing and keeping my eyes closed. Sometimes when I'm just lying there it feels like my eyes open involuntarily. My second problems seems to be that I can't focus on a dream scene (ADHD maybe? Doctor says I have it)

I've tried having drinks that include vitamin B6 in them and I also tried Celea Z. Nothing appeared to have worked with the aids.

The majority of my non lucid dreams happened after shoulder surgery at the beginning of the year. I was taking prescribed Hydrocodon and Naproxen for the pain. Is it possible these pain relievers could have been responsible? Most of the dreams were nightmares after all.

I've come so close and actually had a dream that I remembered having a few years ago.

What can I do improve my chances of an LD?

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From my recollection, WILD doesn't usually require you to abstain from swallowing. WILD is simply remaining aware as you fall asleep; So long as you can swallow and not be jolted awake, you shouldn't have trouble swallowing and preforming WILD.
I don't have a single idea about increasing focus, my mind wanders whenever I do incubation despite my best efforts.

Eyes are an issue though. Maybe if you wear a sleep mask, it will make it less tempting, and also not be as big a deal if you do open your eyes (if everything is black whether they're open or closed, there isn't much difference I guess).

IMHO, lucid dreaming aids are a very flighty subject. I would like to see a professional, full-rigored study of the claims regarding them, but that probably won't happen. I think most people would agree that a large amount of the reason why they work well for some people is that some people expect them to work well. Lucid dreaming is very much mindset.

I think that nightmares are more often remembered for their emotional impact. At least for me, sickness in general causes strange dreams whether I've been medicated or not. Hydrocodone isn't cough medicine though, I don't know if my experience applies. oops

With reality checks it is important to remember to include the intent. If you're pinching your nose, don't do it with the assumption that you're awake. Always entertain the idea that you might be dreaming, I think that's probably more important than any physical aspect of a reality check.

I hope I've been of some help. I haven't had a lucid dream in months though, so take anything I say with a grain of salt.

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