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Another method to enter lucid dream?

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Another method to enter lucid dream?
PostPosted: Sat 24 Jan, 2015  Reply with quote

So, usually, being me, I'm really lazy. But somehow, I manage to keep a dream journal. And this morning, while I was recording something, I noticed something out of place. And, as it turns out, I was dreaming about recording things in my journal because I was focusing on said fact. So, maybe when you wake up in the morning or you're recording whenever a dream wakes you, do a reality check.

Happy dreaming! (u w u)

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PostPosted: Sun 01 Feb, 2015  Reply with quote

Good advice. I've had a few dreams of myself waking up to brush my teeth (morning routine) to only find out I'm dreaming. It's very similar. Always question reality colgate

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