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what type of dream was this?

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Novice dreamer
Novice dreamer
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what type of dream was this?
PostPosted: Wed 18 Feb, 2015  Reply with quote

this wasn't exactly a lucid dream but it was something in between a ND and a LD. but I don't know the category of it.

this was yesterday and i didn't write it down. so here is what I remember.

I am back in my old country i was born in. i go outside of my apt complex gates, and there is a school next to it up the hill. it's an all muslim school and i was always scared to walk by cuz muslims hate whites so they mess with us. i am real cautious but still start to walk up as i see someone i know. it's a fat guy i knew that passed away irl about a year ago and he's carrying some golden chain that costs $500. as i get close to him, he throws it to me and there is this big tall mean looking black guy looks like Tyrese Gibson the singer that shows up from farther down and this fat dude tells me to throw bg the chain. I do, and then something happens where the fat guy tells Tyrese that isn't the deal where it was $700 and not $500 and to give the chain back. he says no, and at this point I get ready to fight him. now I know martial arts irl but i wouldn't fight a guy that big since i haven't had a real fight in over 20 years, and have fear. but i knew that it was a dream, so i start to fight this dude. BUT i wasn't lucid so this technically wasn't a LD. i beat the guys *** but it was hard. you know, how in dreams you fight but your punches don't fly or your moves get stuck. it was weird. i knew this wasn't a dream 100% but i wasn't lucid nor was i lucid after the fight. it was only a realization that it was a dream during the fight. that's it. what type of dream was this?

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Astral Explorer
Astral Explorer
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PostPosted: Thu 19 Feb, 2015  Reply with quote

Most experienced lucid dreamers would call your dream semi-lucid, I think.

Usually, a semi-lucid dream is defined as a dream where you know you're dreaming, but you don't exert much influence over the dream, but mostly go with the flow.

Other people object to this definition because it conflates lucidity and control. You don't have to control a dream to be lucid in it, nor do you have to be lucid to exert major magic-like control.

We have *some* consciousness in all dreams. Lucidity is really just a critical mass of self-awareness and the recognition that your environment is mentally projected.

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