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LD4All Quest 104: August: Month of..?

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LD4All Quest 104: August: Month of..?
PostPosted: Fri 07 Aug, 2015  Reply with quote

LD4all Quest 104: August: Month of..?
Author: Eilatan; Suggested by: Scipio and Thorn

Each month, on LD4all Lucid Dreamers Unite we have a new Quest to explore your LD's in a fun way.
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Month of..?

August is finally here, and you know what that means!!! No? Well, actually, neither do we.

The time of the lion, the season of the poppy, and the month with no global holidays! Yes, August is known to be either too cold or too hot to celebrate anything. A time where people either come home from their holidays or leave to take them.

So this month our Quest is devoted to finding out what August is the month of! Perhaps there already exists a holiday in your dreams. Perhaps it is time for you to make your own! Whichever way, this Quest is about you finding the celebration of August!

To complete this Quest and earn your wings:

  • Have a lucid dream. ^^
  • Find a Celebration
  • Ask what holiday it is
  • Optional: Participate in a holiday tradition!
  • Optional: Spread holiday joy!

Please be very clear if you feel you have completed the Quest or want to try again - Qu will give wings if you think you should have them; the wings are a reward for yourself.

Qu will give wings to everyone who asks for them at the end of this Quest, so please be patient

Tips for Completing this Quest

  • Think about different holidays around the world
  • Think about what August means to you
  • Imagine the different ways a month can be celebrated
  • Stay calm and remember the party and good times awaiting!

So fall through the rabbit hole at summer camp and we will see you there! party3

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