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20 years of LD4all!

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Infinite Impatience
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20 years of LD4all!
PostPosted: Fri 20 May, 2016  Reply with quote

LD4all was first created in May 1996. That means that now, in May 2016, LD4all has been around for 20 years. (I know the anniversary is actually on the 25. may grin )To put that into perspective, the town I live in celebrates its 200 years anniversary this weekend. LD4all has existed for 10% of my town's age!

I first came into contact with this site in 2000. I lived far away from my family, and had a job I hated. Pure luck made me able to buy a modem and get online for a couple of hours every day. It was awesome to meet other lucid dreamers! The forum looked very different back then, and I can still remember the URL. It was in the style of a personal homepage.

A few years later, in 2004, I had my own hole in the ground to live in, and a flower shop (yay) to work in. It was good to see that LD4all was still around! And, it had an IRC channel! Through the years, I have made many friends on LD4all. One of them is now my dear mate. 8D

LD4all has been so much more than a place to talk about lucid dreaming. Real, lasting friendships have started here. I have seen people join as children and grow up. It is always a pleasure to read when somebody gets their first lucid dream. The dream journal section here is an amazing source of inspiration.

[09:19:30] <SleepingSiiw> i dreamt i was in my parents' garden, and there was something exciting, we were investigating something
[09:19:36] <SleepingSiiw> i think it had to do with trees
[09:19:38] * SleepingSiiw is now known as Siiw
[09:19:46] <Siiw> but i can't fully remember now
[09:19:49] <Tggtt> TRAINS
[09:19:55] <Tggtt> do you remember now?
[09:21:20] * mewee (~Mew151@not.an.addict) Quit (Ping timeout)
[09:21:49] * Miu|Sleep (derP@765.pro) Quit (Ping timeout)
[09:24:29] <drd> Morning Siiw
[09:24:36] <Siiw> hi drd siiw
[09:24:55] <Siiw> Tggtt, we were on the railway line trying to guess what kind of tree the message was hidden in
[09:25:04] <Tggtt> I KNEW IT

This is how well we know each other here. Where else can you literally wake up, sleepily type up your dream into a chatroom, and then have somebody remind you of it? The highest value of LD4all lies in the community.

What is your LD4all story? What has LD4all meant for YOU?

Current LD goal(s): To bring back art or a song

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Novice dreamer
Novice dreamer
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PostPosted: Fri 20 May, 2016  Reply with quote

Congrats on 20 years! 。゚✶ฺ.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ.✶\;&# 65439;。 I'm still new to this place even though I made my account at an earlier time. But its good to know about how it was in the past and present.

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Ebil Mew Idol
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PostPosted: Sat 21 May, 2016  Reply with quote

20 years of this community?! Crazy! Happy 20th birthday, LD4all!

This community really means the world to me. Throughout my time on the internet I've hopped around various website, communities, and sub-communities. And I've never felt more at home than on LD4all. LD4all is my home! I think most citizents of the internet have at least one community they'd consider they're "home" on the internet, and that community is LD4all for me. I've joined a few communities before discovering LD4all and I've joined many a community after. My current internet identity might seem firmly planted in another community (those who follow me on Twitter may know what I'm talking about... ) but LD4all continues to remain my home and hopefully will continue to be so for a long time.

I'm truly grateful for all that this community has given me. Different perspectives, interesting discussions, lots of fun times, and plenty of friendships... touched

Lucid Dreamers Unite

Click here to see the hidden message (It might contain spoilers)

Current LD goal(s): Get a real LD; Shoot fireworks out of my hands; Become top idol

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PostPosted: Sun 22 May, 2016  Reply with quote

I see Siiw acknowledge my contribution to this community. Honestly I didn't expect I could help at all.

Now I am here for more than 50% of LD4all's existence!
(Link includes my LD4all story.)

There I mostly thank my friends since 2006.
I would also like to thank everyone who shares this story with me, including anyone reading this!

I am glad to be part of LD4all and this anniversary. I was planning to type happy anniversary on May 25th only...

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obfuscate! :P
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PostPosted: Sun 22 May, 2016  Reply with quote

20 years... woah. After reading about lucid dreaming 2.5 years ago this was one of the first sites I found. There was something called a lucid challenge going on! :D I made an account just to read the dream journal entries of the participants, which was great for motivation and ideas. It never occurred to me that I'd be good enough to take part, or even run one (or three) of those challenges. ^^

This community has been and continues to be a big source of inspiration. Thanks to all you tutorial-writers, dream-journalists, IRC-addicts, challenge-hosts, lurkers and, most of all, Qu. siiw

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Astral Explorer
Astral Explorer
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PostPosted: Mon 23 May, 2016  Reply with quote

Wow 20 years!

I think I started to learn about Lucid Dreaming on this website some 6 years ago. At first, I couldn t LD at will, so I didn t spend that much time on the website. Then I started to have more time and trained it and now I have had over 100 LDs thanks to the website! Incredible change, thank to all of the people who make the online community so full of life and who made my dreaming dream come true ^^

Current LD goal(s): Do smth on stage in front of an audience
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The Lookout Rogue.
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PostPosted: Mon 23 May, 2016  Reply with quote

A friend showed me LD4All's Guide after a conversation about the fact I was 17 and still had persistent nightmares. He thought LDing could help, as it had for him. At the same time another friend was exploring the fact he has Non-24-hour sleep-wake disorder, and after talking to a friend studying oneirology, he too discovered LDing. After trying to WILD through sleep paralysis, and ending up with weird shaking instead, I decided to join the forum and ask about it.

The first person who replied was TosxyChor. Then Moogle, and others. tounge1 I didn't join the chat until a short time after joining the forum, and I only joined because of wolfgame. :D

Like Mew, this community means the world to me. I would credit LD4All for the fact my nightmares are now rare, and don't terrify me nearly as much as they use to. I also blame Xander for that, and his interest in NDs. I will forever be the ND warrior! (Though LDing is also fun!) This place has become my home. I've laughed with you people, I've cried with you people, I've choked on food from the ridiculous of some of the jokes that you people make, and I have even had the opportunity to do this with LD4Allers IRL. I am constantly surprised by the comradeship and care that passes between the people of this community. I am genuinely grateful to be a part of this place and to have shared being here with so many wonderful people.

So here is to twenty years of LD4All. Of Lucid Dreaming. Of one crazy family brought together by one amazing person. Thank you to Qu, the community and everyone who keeps this place going. Here is to more years to come! party3

Current LD goal(s): Meet my dream guide

Link to My DJ: www.ld4all.com
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Resident Shapeshifter
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PostPosted: Mon 23 May, 2016  Reply with quote

Amazing that this place has been around for 20 years. As for me and discovering this place, I started keeping somekind of a DJ, one internet search lead to another, I enventually discovered Lucid Dreaming via a combination of searchs and then I ended up here. smile

I've never really had much to do with internet communities but this one has really resonated with me due to the amount of outgoing help that the people here provide. Thanks to the advice of users here, I have really improved with my own dream goals along with following advice to help improve the stability of them which was a major issue with some of the earlier LDs of mine.

Ultimately, the one most importent thing that Lucid Dreaming has revealed to me is that it really shows that we could be capable of so much more as a species if we could take full advantage of the benefits of it. smile

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the Virus?
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PostPosted: Mon 23 May, 2016  Reply with quote

I joined LD4all in May 2004. It makes 12 years ago smile

It was May 2004 when I had my first LD where I knew that this is LD. Before that I didn't knew what those dreams were called, nor that they can be induced, although I had some of them in my childhood. In some other Internet forum someone said that I can conciously fly in dreams and visit some places. It influenced me so much that it lead to this first (concious) LD 12 years ago.

Few days later I discovered this forum. It was my main place where I learned about LD'ing and it made me to search for more (websites, books, movies, etc). I was pretty active here in those days back then.

Time is limited and we cannot do everything what we want. I have many interests and I try to get involved in them when I have time. This means that sometimes I spend more time on this and sometimes more on that. I still love LD'ing and have occasional LD's (sometimes pretty often), but my interests lead me sometimes into new areas and sometimes back to "old" areas (like LD). Like today I thought to visit this site to see what's up. And it's nice to see that 20th anniversity is just about to come. Happy b-day, LD4all! blon You always remain my LD home, even if I sometimes take a long travels away smile

Current LD goal(s): Making LD my hobby
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1 LD to milestone !
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PostPosted: Tue 24 May, 2016  Reply with quote

Well I first had access to the internet in the Summer of 2003. In order to get used to using the computer, I looked for a forum to join. My first forum was a dog and cat one. It was very cliquey and unwelcoming to anyone who only owned cats! so I googled lucid dream forum. After looking at the results, I decided on LD4ALL.

My experience was so different! Not only was I able to improve my knowledge of LDing due to all the informative topics and members but it was a really welcoming community! I soon felt at ease, proven by my creating a LD4all dream journal, sharing my personal spiritual beliefs here and finally sharing my poetry efforts in the LD4ALL garden. hide

I'm so glad that I found LD4ALL when I did, because my husband died 8 months later. I had access to 24 hour online support by friends because of LD4ALL.

LD-wise I will never be a natural but I have experienced more and better quality lucid dreams because of LD4ALL.

So thank you to Qu and her vision for creating the website and forum and over-seeing it over the last TWO DECADES!

Current LD goal(s): 6 LDs per year * ND goals - actively incubate interesting/fun dreams

Link to My DJ: www.ld4all.com
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PostPosted: Tue 24 May, 2016  Reply with quote

Apparently my last post here was in 2009 (whoa) and it's probably been a couple years since I logged on just to check things out. But for several years, LD4all was my second home. It's a place I stumbled upon in my quest to become better at LDing and I achieved that and so much more by becoming a member here.

This place provided me a wonderful community in which to learn, grow and share. I met so many amazing people here, some of whom I still touch base with from time to time (moogle & Bruno wink ). And most importantly, I met my *husband* here! Atheist and I met here back in 2004 and what started as comments in each other's dream journals and the occasional PM evolved into massively long messages, IM chats, phone calls, etc., all from across the world (he in Australia and I in the US).

We've known each other for nearly 12 years (the first three digitally with LD4all as our home base) and have now been married for seven years! Last summer, we welcomed a baby girl into our lives and are a happy little family of three (with two crazy cats).

I believe that things happen for a reason and that we were destined to meet, but without LD4all, that would not have been possible. This forum launched our incredible journey and life together and for that we are forever grateful. cloud9

Happy 20th, LD4all! A hearty thank you to Qu and her vision and the amazing community that has evolved as a result. boogie

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PostPosted: Wed 25 May, 2016  Reply with quote

It's now May 25!

Here I am. Time to celebrate!
Time to use one of Fixato's gifs.

not my idea kiekeboe

WOAH, sno_isulli IS HERE.

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Do a RC, Now!
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PostPosted: Wed 25 May, 2016  Reply with quote

I haven't visited so much lately but I joined for the first time apparently 10 years ago, long time ago now. What I remember most is not the lucid dreaming, but making friends and becoming addicted enough to WG to become a GM and make two other games that are similar.
Congrats LD4all!

Current LD goal(s): Play chess on the moon :), transform into a guinea pig
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New member
New member
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PostPosted: Tue 06 Dec, 2016  Reply with quote

DawnEye11 wrote:
Congrats on 20 years! 。゚✶ฺ.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ.✶\;&# 65439;。 I'm still new to this place even though I made my account at an earlier time lit gigone. But its good to know about how it was in the past and present.

Pourquoi pas un méga anniversaire. Ce serait cool non.

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PostPosted: Wed 07 Dec, 2016  Reply with quote

Im still new to this place but I found it amazing! It´s the first time that I can share my art with people that understands it! ❤️ May it be 100 years more from here! Congrats! :D

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