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Do dreams help you "make sense" of 'life'?

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Do dreams help you "make sense" of 'life'?
PostPosted: Fri 19 May, 2017  Reply with quote

I felt like making this deep and interesting post earlier today. I just hope I word it right *deep breath* here i go~

I think with me they help me make sense of my life. I think i'd go crazy by now if not for dreams. Like, they help me 'handle' the idea of 'not having certain crushes' in the past better (like korrina, who started this year, for one). I think they also help me think in black and white a bit less, which is A MAJOR plus, as black and white thinking is a serious issue with me that I think may finally be getting better luckily.

Overall, i duno where i'd be now if not for my awesome dream recall skills i've had nearly all my life. Wondering how others will respond to this!


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PostPosted: Fri 19 May, 2017  Reply with quote

I seem to come from opposite angle and spot things in dreams that represent things in life. I just like to see the links.

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PostPosted: Fri 19 May, 2017  Reply with quote

Much like moogle I tend to find things in dreams that represent things in waking life. However, usually seeing these help me see these things in a new way. Lately I've had a few dreams which were pretty tough to write out fully in my DJ because of what they meant to me in relation to waking life.

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PostPosted: Thu 23 Nov, 2017  Reply with quote

I've talked to a number of people about dream analysis, so a lot of how I experience this is a matter of looking back after the fact and seeing what everything represented. But in the sense that there can be a sense of catharsis in the dream itself, I've experienced that. I had a very long, involved dream just this past year that I took several months to fully analyze, but one part that I understood almost immediately was that there was one scene in the dream that was my mind's way of processing some residual feelings about an ex of mine. I remember feeling better than I'd felt in months the day after I had that dream.

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PostPosted: Thu 23 Nov, 2017  Reply with quote

For a long time i thought we experience our subcounsciousness in our dreams. I still believe that but I've recently elaborated on that idea. OK lets try to phrase this in a comprehensive way...
I've come to believe its possible that when we explore we find ourself in a new unmapped terrain. To learn about this new terrain what we do is we dive into the chaos, the unkown. We make a little sense of it somehow and find something to bring back and then learn from it. It┬┤s like when god created the universe. He created something real out of chaos. With chaos i mean somewhere without form or void. It is a nothing that can become everything. This is a very ancient idea and has its root in the first conscious humans (adam and eve as the story go).
So when you explore and find new things you are like god, creating something out of "nothing". it┬┤s consiousness creating. So all i can say, keep exporing and push yourself into new terrain because that is the only way you grow. Don┬┤t push to far thou or you can lose yourself in chaos.
So when i remember my dreams i don┬┤t think it neccessarily help me make sense of the world. In a way it does but mostly it┬┤s a creative force that enables you to.... become more (im not sure how to phrase it in words)
So in a way you dive into your unknown and learn something.
Wow this got out on a tangent. These are some ideas iv├ę been feeling lately and nice to put them in writing! well you asked a deep question so i thought it proper to give a deep answer smile

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