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growing wings and other limbs in an ld

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growing wings and other limbs in an ld
PostPosted: Mon 15 Jan, 2018  Reply with quote

So how many of you have tried to grow other limbs in lucid dreams e.g: Wings
Is it hard easy or what I'm interested I trying what's your advice woo

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PostPosted: Tue 16 Jan, 2018  Reply with quote

i used to grow wings sometimes! heres two approaches that worked for me:

1. grow them from the shoulders out. start with awareness of the part of your shoulders they will grow out of, then feel them growing and stretching and help them out by stretching and wiggling your back.

2. start by flying with magic insubstantial wings and condense them until they are part of your body. i fly in the dream and imagine the wings are there, and they start out vaporous like air that is controlled by my imagination, but with each imagined flap they become more solid.

i think what worked for me with these approaches is that you feel them instead of seeing them. you dont have to see a limb to know its there, so you can focus on using it instead of making it look right.

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PostPosted: Fri 19 Jan, 2018  Reply with quote

I've tried doing this once IWL. A friend guided me through it, I think I just closed my eyes and tried to imagine it and re-focus the energy.

Basically I just tried to imagine, shaping it in my head. I imagined some purple energy. Breathing in, it concentrates at my center. Breathing out, it spread out through my body, and I imagined where it would go to spread to wings and a tail, until I felt the tingle in those parts. Then tried to move them and stuff.

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