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Had my second lucid dream

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Had my second lucid dream
PostPosted: Mon 16 Apr, 2018  Reply with quote

just randomly happened kind of. I don't remember falling asleep - like, I mean, waking into a dream. I had had a hard time sleeping, so I was doing relaxation meditation, & then some visualization. & after I'd been at it a long time, I was in a dilapidated place, some kind of institution, with a big window. I wanted to get out the window, but it was just a solid pane but there was some tape at the bottom. I stared to pull on the tape & began to fly up in the air (inside the building) & that's when I realized I was dreaming. I figured I could push that window out of the frame. I wanted to look at the sky but the window was dirty with blotches of paint & suchlike. When I finally got it open, and got on the ledge, there was a big, torn tarp between me and the sky. I could kind of see around it a tiny bit, and the sky had become hazy. I got angry at that tarp - I accused it of something and went at it - and I woke up.

I'm really glad to have discovered this community and to have a place where I can share this stuff with like minded individuals.


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PostPosted: Mon 16 Apr, 2018  Reply with quote

Congrats. You did well to see the sky even if the view was hindered.

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