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Virtual Reality

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Virtual Reality
PostPosted: Sat 21 Apr, 2018  Reply with quote

I promised to make this thread as an offshoot of Reality Checks in Other Realities (RC's in VR), so here it is!

Who has a VR setup?
What games do you play? or What else do you use it for?
Ever get lost wandering Google Earth?
Have any cool 3D art you've made in VR to show off?
Post it all here!

I only just got my unit (Lenovo Explorer, Windows Mixed Reality) and will be using it for SteamVR primarily, but haven't bought any games yet, so I'm open for suggestions. I do plan to get Subnautica, Google Tilt Brush, and possibly Elite Dangerous.

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PostPosted: Sat 21 Apr, 2018  Reply with quote

Ooh oh oh VR discussion!

My setup is an Oculus Rift CV1 with a 3 sensor Room Scale configuration. Having started at the initial 2 sensor setup, going Room Scale was a major leap forward and one I won't be looking back on. smile I initially had an Oculus Rift DK2 prototype and Leap Motion back in 2014.

Gameswise, I mainly play X-Plane 11, SkyrimVR, Island 359 and Hotdogs, Horseshoes and Hand Grenandes. I've got loads of others but would be too long to list. Elite Dangerous is a really good VR game but it doesn't support Motion Controllers. meh

In terms of stuff I've made with VR, I originally created KnightmareVR via the Unity3D tools which you can look at here. Knightmare VR was basically a room viewer for the Knightmare TV show which originally broadcast in the UK in 1987-1994. There's a couple of videos here, here and here. There is a playable build on there but it's Oculus only and requires the use of the Leap Motion device (this was made before the Touch Controllers were released)

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