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WILD when first going to sleep

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WILD when first going to sleep
PostPosted: Thu 23 Aug, 2018  Reply with quote

I was wondering if anyone has experience doing WILD when first going to sleep at night. I can succesfuly WILD after 6 hours of sleep but I’ve always just wanted to do it when first going to sleep at night. I know it would require for your body to feel extremely tired so it will go into sleep paralysis faster, but for when you’re not feeling that tired are there some other tips?

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PostPosted: Thu 23 Aug, 2018  Reply with quote

Hi Carva, welcome ^^ I have had success doing WILD while first going to sleep at night, but in my experience even if it works it's not as high-quality as WILD done after WBTB or during a nap or the like. Short in duration, dim (even black-and-white) visuals, clunky control, etc. have usually been the sorts of things I've encountered. YMMV of course. ^^

I don't know if I can necessarily give good tips for doing it—it's mainly been something I've experienced when trying to force myself to sleep outside of my natural circadian rhythm. I have a sleep disorder that makes me basically nocturnal, but when I've tried to force myself to sleep at night for work or the like sometimes instead of falling "properly" asleep I'll have a short period of WILD and then wake up again and be unable to sleep for hours afterwards. I'm not sure if there's really a usable technique in that or if I'd recommend it even if there was.

Theoretically, it's something that you might have better luck with when sleep-deprived, but in my experience it's hard to maintain the presence of mind necessary for WILD under those conditions. If I'm super-desperate for sleep, I often pass out in seconds and trying to "hang on" for that is generally a lost cause. Not to mention the fact that being sleep-deprived isn't any fun. tounge1

For these reasons, I think you're likely to have your best experiences with WILD doing it in conjunction with WBTB—the longer, richer dreams that come with your lengthening sleep cycles are generally more rewarding to be lucid for. If you want a more convenient way to do it, I think naps are probably your best bet; in my experience they sometimes produce surprisingly fruitful dreams and doing WILD into one can be pretty easy sometimes.

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