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Weird Dream

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Novice dreamer
Novice dreamer
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Weird Dream
PostPosted: Tue 10 Jul, 2018  Reply with quote

Hello, I have had several LD's in the past but I just had a regular dream that give me a strange feeling. It went like this...

I was talking to this guy about random stuff as he approached a door. Then he was talking about LDing and then I asked him about it and how to do it because I have been trying to do it. Then he said something along the lines of "Step through the world, like this" and that's when he made me go through the door like physically inside it, not walk through it or something. All I could see was black but it gave me this uncontrollable burst of excitement. When I returned back to normal I literally with no doubt said "Holy Sh*t". Then I woke up.

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Novice dreamer
Novice dreamer
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sounds like portal talk to me
PostPosted: Sat 18 Aug, 2018  Reply with quote

Going through doors or portals I feel is the why we travel through multiple dreams while we sleep. When everything turns black. One of two things is happening.
1: your about to wake up
2: your traveling to your next dreamscape.

What you need to do is stay calm. When you get excited you wake your body up and its a one way trip back to your bedroom. Now if you can stay calm while you go through the portal. You'll stay sleep and travel to your next dream.
I've been able to link up to 5,6 dreams and remember where the door or portal is and retrace my step all the way back to the first dream I started with that night.
Hope this helps and give you more opportunities to stay in longer and fine lucidity.

Current LD goal(s): To fine the right portal back into this world.
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