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Slowing Down Time in Lucidity

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Apollo's Eye
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PostPosted: Mon 30 Oct, 2006  Reply with quote

You can do anything in your dreams. You can even time travel.

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a smiling haze
Chat Mods
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PostPosted: Mon 30 Oct, 2006  Reply with quote

@7Regrets: That is, given you have good visualization and can allow yourself to let things be surreal without losing control over them. wink5

I too have realized the mind seems to be able to fast–forward dreams, and I wonder if that's a skill one could use as a lucid dreamer. Slowing time down, on the other hand, sounds really dispending. I don't think I'd be able to do that on will. Worth giving a shot anyways.

Both time distortion effects remind me of a Legend of Zelda game: Majora's Mask. Has anyone played it? It might be an idea, for a good visualizer and a great believer, to find an ocarina, play the tune and just let the subconscious do the rest for you. siiw

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Lucid Failure =P
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PostPosted: Mon 30 Oct, 2006  Reply with quote

I slowed time down in my very first LD. I wanted to do the slow motion walk (seriously weird want) and I could feel and see the world pass by slowly, the pulling back..everything. Very vivid and amazing. The skies the limit in dreams. grin

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Novice dreamer
Novice dreamer
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PostPosted: Sat 11 Nov, 2006  Reply with quote

Iono, I don't think I would like to experience days/months/years in a dream. I think it would freak me out.

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Astral Explorer
Astral Explorer
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PostPosted: Mon 13 Nov, 2006  Reply with quote

That could just be the reason most people don't experience it. It may be that you need to have plans enough for that length of time befor your SC will let you do it. smile

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Lucid Ownage
Lucid Initiate
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PostPosted: Mon 20 Nov, 2006  Reply with quote

Well considering I've had dreams that were played out over a period of days when I'm only sleeping 9 hours I would say that proves that dreams have their own time. Truley your brain is dreaming in fast forward so it fits in a period of 9 hours, but when you remember the dream your brain is slowing it down.

That's my theory.

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Lucid Initiate
Lucid Initiate
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PostPosted: Mon 20 Nov, 2006  Reply with quote

I read about that too TZer00 it was Lar's Lucid Dreaming FAQ

Current LD goal(s): Talking to dream people
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New member
New member
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PostPosted: Mon 20 Nov, 2006  Reply with quote

I believe it's possible to "dream longer than you sleep".

Simply put for the fact that i've done it on multiple occassions.

In "My" dream universe I have once visited this place in which there's a tower (and that place always exists on a seperate dimension in my ''dream realm'') which holds someone called "The Watcher".

He has taught me how to extend my dreams, and it seemed to work.

The 2 best moments:

1.smile I once Started sleeping at 9:30, I had a lucid for 30 minutes of ACTIVITY, so no time skipping or w/e.
I woke up, clock read: 9:31

2.smile I once started sleeping again at 9:54 I had a lucid, when I woke up.
It was 9:04

Now THIS is the most weird one that I can't even truly believe myself.

I HAVE seen the clock and I WAS awake enough to realize that it really said 9:54, and when I woke up it DID really say 9:04.

So I guess, that's just. really weird O.o

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Medical Waste
up the dose
Astral Explorer
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PostPosted: Thu 23 Nov, 2006  Reply with quote

Time is an illusion. It is now. It always has been. Days, months, years etc are all inventions. So maybe you can slow down time in your dream, but it will still be now, and all you'll have is a memory of a dream which seemed to be longer then then change in digits on your clock.

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Novice dreamer
Novice dreamer
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PostPosted: Thu 23 Nov, 2006  Reply with quote

TZer000 wrote:
i read somewhere that a man at the lucid dreaming institue managed to slow down time in his dream and when he awoke, he said had experienced 100 years in the dream world in only two hours in the real world.

i also read that if you state you desire out loud in your dream that it would happen. so in theory, i could say in my dream "make one day here equal to one minute in the real world!" and then after an hour in the real world i would have had a 60 year dream! imagine.....man i wanna become lucid BAAAAAD! grrr cry

I really don't think it's quite that simple to affect the perception of time just by shouting a command. Also, the reason you can't LD might be just that you want it so damn bad and expect more than is actually possible through lucid dreaming. That can work against you.

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cookie lover
cookie lover
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PostPosted: Fri 24 Nov, 2006  Reply with quote

But if it was that easy. Just a matter of believing. And using a command. It is worth a try considering the potential payoff wich may be revolutionary.

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Retired from LDing
Dream Deity
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PostPosted: Fri 24 Nov, 2006  Reply with quote

[Alpha]-0mega- wrote:
I once Started sleeping at 9:30, I had a lucid for 30 minutes of ACTIVITY, so no time skipping or w/e.
I woke up, clock read: 9:31

Personally, i had nearlly same thing. It was bit after 11, and i wanted to get up (i mean give up trying to get a LD, and stand up). I accidentaly falled asleep again, and i had a LD. Not very long, but i've done more that in not one LD. When i waked up it was 2 minutes later

In phisical, slowmotion - i've been doing it few times, even half hour before now. Nothing hard, i thinks that everyone would do it at first try. But flying is bit more awesome.

And not-personally:

*points at Massive LD experiment back in May of 2006*

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Novice dreamer
Novice dreamer
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PostPosted: Mon 27 Nov, 2006  Reply with quote

Hmpf. Never tried slowing down time... I've forwarded time in one LD, though. Well, not so much forwarded as "skipping chapters", I guess.

Heh. Now why does that remind me of Adam Sandler's 'Click'?

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Chocolate Face
cookie lover
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PostPosted: Sat 02 Dec, 2006  Reply with quote

I've never really been able to slow down time in a dream, but I can pause the dream with a Playstation controller that I usually carry around (which I had to use in a recent Resident Evil-like zombie dream--those zombies were fast eek2 Good thing I had that controller ^^)

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Novice dreamer
Novice dreamer
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PostPosted: Mon 04 Dec, 2006  Reply with quote

Lucidity_Master wrote:
Here is another reason why I think that having dreams that lasts for years and lifetimes is not possible.

Imagine that you're entire life had just been a dream and you had just woke up. This would be utterly devastingf for most poeple, and some probably couldn't even cope with it. You would have a very difficult time adjusting to the real society and the new age and culture.

The same thing could happen if you went and dreamed for years and years tonight. The only way you could go through this would be for you to be Lucid. But our brains normally don't expect us to be Lucid, so they wouldn't be able to or wnat to create a dream of this length.

But tou wouldn't be devistated if you knew your life was just a dream. I think nearly anything is possible in lucid dreaming i mean you can fly control people and do anything you want!

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