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verhuizing server donderdag 20 september

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verhuizing server donderdag 20 september
BerichtGeplaatst: Di 18 Sep, 2007  Reageer met quote

Ik kreeg zojuist een mailtje van mijn hosting provider, de LD4all server gaat verhuizen, 7 meter verderop yes


Over the past 6 months we have spent considerable amount of time preparing to revamp our datacenter and the time is finally upon us to begin the initial stages of this project and will begin this Thursday September 20th starting 7AM EST. The window of this move time though will be up until the last server has been moved but we anticipate to have them all completed by 12PM EST. To minimize any inconvenience, we have essentially replicated your current rack that your server is hosted on onto another rack with the same switch configurations. We will be powering down your server and moving it onto the new rack, powering it back on and then checking for ssh / http responsiveness. The estimated downtime per server will be no more than 5 minutes and teams have been setup to expedite the process. During this move time you will notice a brief period of downtime for the reboot only, afterwards the servers will be online in their new location (only about 20 feet away).

Bovenstaande betekent dat ze van plan zijn om vanaf 1 uur 's middags alle servers te verhuizen en ze hopen klaar te zijn om 6 uur 'smiddags. (tijden al omgerekend naar nederlandse tijd.)

Als alles goed gaat moet je er weinig van merken.

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