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Lucid pill..... the new RC ?

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joyness Panda
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Lucid pill..... the new RC ?
PostPosted: Wed 09 Feb, 2011  Reply with quote

Long story short, I had another very low lucid dream and I thought about the forum and took a lucid pill to make my dream more lucid like some people do here.
In the dream, I was doing actions almost unconsciously , and only did things I saw on the forum. BUT, right after I took the pill, I became more and more conscious in the dream. As I was finally getting my first real LD, My alarm woke me up

When we think of it, We do RCs to get lucid in a dream.. but what happens if you take a lucid pill in a dream out of the habit ? RCs make us lucid, why not the lucid pills ! :D
I decided to try to take a lucid pill just before doing my RCs, hoping that I will take a lucid pill in my dream and become lucid. Of couse, lucid pills aren't real, but they are in dreams. So, in RL, I'm only eating air but concentrate on the fact that if it is a dream, it will get me lucid.

Would that work ?

Current LD goal(s): Learn to have a real LD in 2011 :)
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Novice dreamer
Novice dreamer
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PostPosted: Wed 09 Feb, 2011  Reply with quote

Wow, that sounds very interesting.

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PostPosted: Wed 09 Feb, 2011  Reply with quote

that's a great idea! Yeah, I think that would easily work. Sense you mentally believe that the pill works by making you lucid, when you repeat taking it over and over it does what you want it to do in a dream.

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King Vanny
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PostPosted: Thu 10 Feb, 2011  Reply with quote

Someone has already came up with that.

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