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Lucidity skill slipping

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Lucidity skill slipping
PostPosted: Mon 19 Mar, 2012  Reply with quote

Hello all.

I have always been able to become lucid in my dreams long before I ever read about lucid dreaming. I would have them very rarely but about 10 years ago I decided to see if I could increase the frequeny by going to sleep repeating over and over in my head "know your dreaming". I managed to have about 5 a week doing this. I kept this up for about a month but because I woke up everytime I got to exited I gave up (although I was often able to maintain lucidity for 20mins or more so I don't really know why I gave up, it was still awesome). After that I only had about 5-10 lucid dreams over the next 10 years, all purely by accident.

Anyway, two nights ago I decided I wanted to try another lucid dream (I didn't even know thats what they were called, I just called them dreams I could control). I was succesfull (my trigger was that I had been underwater way longer than I would be able to if it were not a dream) and it was the most beautiful lucid dream I have ever had. I was in the most beatiful underwater scene I could have Imagined. I then saw a really beautiful shark type creature and followed it for a while and then forgot I was in a dream and got away from it as fast as I could (it was BIG). As I got to the rocks though I remembered it was just a dream and lost my fear. I swam up the rocks anyway onto another rock shelf but was still fully under water a long way from the surface. I turned around and sat on the rock shelf watching the shark swiming off into the distance and realised I wanted it to come back to me. It imediately turned around and started swimming toward me. I was a bit apprehensive (not scared, just wary) but kept reminding myself it was just a dream and then I noticed its teeth were actually blue rubery strands. I let it swim right up to me and put its mouth around my head which felt really nice and at that moment all my apprehension disapeared into absolute joy.

It was then I realised that I had actually made that shark come over to me and put it's mouth around my head. I had never influenced characters with my mind in my dreams before so I wondered how much further I could take it. I decided if I could create a hot babe to come out and kiss me (I know, I know, but I am a young man, it's only natural). Suddenly from behind a beatiful rock formation all these characters started pouring out looking really happy and doing silly walks. There was old skool batman and robin, spiderman, superman and a few others I can't remember. It was like my dream was teasing me, it was really funny aned enjoyable to watch but I was like 'where's my hot babe'. Then wonderwoman came out and I said 'ah there you are' and looked at her and waved her over. She seemed very disinterested in me though and went and sat on someone elses lap. I swam over to her and asked if she wanted to go for a swim with me but she just looked at me blankly and then looked away. Even in my dream there was no way I was going to make someone do anything they didn't want to but I took her had and said 'it will be fun'. She came with me reluctalntly and then we started dancing and she seemed a bit more interested. I went to kiss her and her body started to stretch out and she got really tall (kind of looked like rubber man). I said 'wow you are really tall now' and she finally kissed me and I woke up.

The next day I went onto the internet and read everything I could about lucid dreams for hours and hours. Learnt all the tricks, the reality checks, what to do if your dream started fading (which had never happened in any of my lucid dreams before), how to cement lucidity early etc. I set my alarm for 5 hours after I went to sleep, got up for an hour and then went back to bed repeating 'know your dreaming' over and over as I went to sleep.

It worked again and I suddenly realised I was in a dream because I found myself in a public place with no clothes on and said 'this has never happened in real life, this must be a dream'. I looked around and noticed some other weird things and went 'yep, this is definately a dream'. I took the plunge and dropped the newspaper I was covering myself up with and suddenly I was fully clothed and everyone else dissapeared. I then remembered I should do my reality checks that I had been prcticing all day. I tried to poke my finger through my palm, it didn't work. I tried to breath through my nose whilst pinching my nostrils, it didn't work. I said, thats ok, I know its a dream anyway. So I started rubbing my hands together. As soon as I did everything started to fade (which as I say, has never happened in my other dreams). I looked around and took deep breaths and kept rubbing my hands together but it kept fading. I spun around and when I stopped a whole new sceen had emerged (which I had read might happen). I imidiately forgot I was in a dream and I was in a room with my friends and we were talking but they were all dissinterested in me. I suddenly noticed that an old mate that I had not seen in ages was in the room and he hadn't even said hello. I again realised I was in a dream, I turned around and when I looked back I was all alone in the room. I tried to do my reality checks again which didn't work and everything started to fade again. I rubbed my hands together and looked around taking everything in but it kept fading. I spun around and was in a new sceen again. This kept happening in every new sceen I created. Some would last for a few minutes before they started fading, some a few seconds. I went to maybe 6 or 7 different sceans. All were really dull and I was all alone the whole time. The whole time I was asking to see my dream guide that I had read about (which I had decided to do before I went to sleep) but they never showed. I then had a faulse awakening, did my reality checks which didn't work and then got up and looked around to see everthing was very normal and concluded I was awake for real. I turned back to my bed to see a huge bottle of water on it and realised I was in a dream still. I then woke up for real, very thirsty.

Any ideas why after being equipt with all this new info and tricks I was so much more unsuccessfull than when I didn't know any of it? My first guess would be that reading about other peoples dreams fading and stuff set up the expectation that mine might as well even though it had never happened before. Could it have been something to do with what I had to eat before I went back to sleep? I had a macca's breakfast which I rarely have (I normally eat very well) and I ate to much and felt quite sick as I was drifting off to sleep. This is obviously what made me so thirsty as well which eventually woke me up.

Any opinions or ideas would be greatly appriciated.

Cheers smile

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