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How can I get into my dreams faster at night time?

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How can I get into my dreams faster at night time?
PostPosted: Sat 12 Nov, 2011  Reply with quote

I think I put this in the worng place, sorry about that: But, I want to get into my dreams faster at night : It seems Im just laying there for hours, and usually, the dream just " sneeks up on me" half the time: Instead of wasting time and just laying there, is there any way I can get into dream land faster? I tired counting 1 to 100, and nothing really happened: Can someone give me some tips/advice on how to get into your dreams quicker? smile Thank You wiske

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Lucid Idiot
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PostPosted: Sat 12 Nov, 2011  Reply with quote

you mean WILD?
i think there's no method to do that geenidee
if you try it when you go to bed, it will last about 1 and half hours, or even 2.sadblauwohno
i would try using WBTB,if you are lucky you will need only a few minutes to enter the dreamworld woo

P.S. a little tip: the dream won't just pop in front of you if you stay awake, you have to fall asleep maintaining consciousness

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Lucid Initiate
Lucid Initiate
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PostPosted: Wed 30 Nov, 2011  Reply with quote

You only dream during REM sleep. There are 5 stages of sleep.
2)Light Sleep
3,4) Deep or Delta
5)REM sleep

So if you are trying wild right when you go to sleep you wont start dreaming until the end of your first sleep cycle.

Personally I try to wake up during my REM period then do a WILD so I can enter the dream state right away.

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