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A few short questions on Wake Back To Bed

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A few short questions on Wake Back To Bed
PostPosted: Sun 05 Feb, 2012  Reply with quote

I've always been wondering a few things about WBTB:

Which is best - waking up one hour earlier than normal, or waking up 4,5, 6 or 7,5 hours after you go to sleep?
I've heard both alternatives.

Should you adjust the alarm time after when you go to sleep, or when you think you fall asleep?
For example, if I want to catch the REM cycle after 6 hours should I go to bed 6 hours before that or a little earlier (like 6,5 hours) so I can fall asleep first?
Or does the time when you try to fall asleep also factor into the total time?

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PostPosted: Mon 06 Feb, 2012  Reply with quote

What I do is drink a tall glass of water and i will wake up by myself. It really works for me. You should try it out!

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PostPosted: Mon 06 Feb, 2012  Reply with quote

I always WBTB 1 hour before i normally wake up... as for the fallin asleep, it doesnt make much of a difference whatever you do, dont stress over it much (at least it dont matter to me)

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PostPosted: Mon 06 Feb, 2012  Reply with quote

It actually is different from person to person, so none of us can give a perfect answer. I'm usually better off after about 4-5 hours after going to bed and then waking up every 1.5 hours after that. In any case you want to find a time you can fall back asleep easily, but at the same time not be too drowsy to maintain some kind of focus on dreaming.

You might also need to play with the amount of time you stay awake. I don't even get out of bed, I just shut off alarm and go back to sleep since it takes me a while to fall asleep. Others stay awake for as long as an hour. Just play around and you'll find it ^^

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PostPosted: Mon 06 Feb, 2012  Reply with quote

I always try and wake up around 3am so that I can go back to sleep during the best period of time to have lucid dreams. As I'm sure you know, around 2:30-3am, there is a much higher level of serotonin being distributed throughout the body, allowing you to remain focused much easier. I find it is almost too easy to have ND's during this period. (that is, if I wasn't out of practice)
So I usually try and go to sleep around 11pm so that I get a decent amount of sleep, but still want to go back to sleep when I wake up. This is also why I only ever stay up for a minute or so after my alarm clock goes off. I find that if I remain awake for an hour or so like some have said, I can't even go back to sleep, let alone have a lucid dream.
I would say try and find your median. Try and go to sleep 3-4 hours before you want to wake up, maybe 5 if you can fall asleep easily, then only remain awake long enough to remember what it was you were dreaming about. If you think about what you were dreaming of beforehand, you might find it easier to fall back to sleep -as long as you don't remain too focused on it while trying to fall asleep-.

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