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Food in lucid dreams

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Novice dreamer
Novice dreamer
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Food in lucid dreams
PostPosted: Fri 11 May, 2012  Reply with quote

I've never really eaten in any of my dreams that I can recall and I'm really curious about the taste of food in LD's smile

Is it true that food in LD's tastes sort of like you imagine it to (for example a chocolate would taste creamier and richer in a dream than one in real life) or would the taste be limited to what you've actually experienced IWL?

I'd love to have an LD where I'd just sit in plain white blankness and eat, focusing only on my sense of taste.

Current LD goal(s): Eat a chocolate cake
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Lucid Initiate
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PostPosted: Fri 11 May, 2012  Reply with quote

Yes, i actually had a had a LD where I ate food
It tastes pretty much the way you'd imagine it to be, but without the guilty feeling that you're eating too much since you know it's a dream siiw

I dreampt that I was in a party where they had lots of sweets. I didn't want to eat too much dessert since I was trying to stay fit, but...i dont know how i became lucid, but when i realized it was a dream i filled my plate with pies, cakes, and cinnamon rolls!! :D

I ate blueberrry pie (which is wierd because i only ate that i think once in my life) and it was de-lish! I actually got full in the dream smile

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Wonder hunter
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PostPosted: Mon 14 May, 2012  Reply with quote

I ate a kiwi once but it tasted really weird that disapointed me it was all but kiwi flavoured. I think you should first focus on how you want it to taste.

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New member
New member
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PostPosted: Wed 23 May, 2012  Reply with quote

Food taste really good in dreams :D ive eaten taco's and spehetti and stuff like that and its delicious!

Current LD goal(s): Stay lucid for atleast a minute
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Eater of Oatmeal
Novice dreamer
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PostPosted: Wed 23 May, 2012  Reply with quote

I tried to eat some pie, once. (The only one that had not been thrown at wal-mart). Shockingly, it turned to funnel cake in my hands. Also, my friend had bred humans to grind up pigeon meat into the pies. It still tasted good, though.

Current LD goal(s): Wrestle a bear, and possibly a lion. It must be fair.
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Astral Explorer
Astral Explorer
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PostPosted: Wed 23 May, 2012  Reply with quote

I love to eat in my LDs smile it tastes so good- and then I can get my "chocolate fix" or whatever and not have the urge to eat junk IRL smile

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Novice dreamer
Novice dreamer
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PostPosted: Tue 29 May, 2012  Reply with quote

the first sort of food i tasted in a dream was a watermelon. it was delicious and so juicy. and i was only about layer 3 minor lucid. i do not remember tasting anything else in a dream not that i have attempted it. the only occasion i ever tried was my 1st ld. i tried to eat reeses icecream but got too excited when i touched the spoon

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Novice dreamer
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PostPosted: Wed 30 May, 2012  Reply with quote

Huh, you know what, I'm not sure I've ever sought out food in an LD (too busy flying and trying to summon spirit guides I guess), but that sounds worth trying! I think I'll make it a goal next time.

I just woke up from a ND in which I was cooking though, and it was all going horribly wrong. Aside from burning the meat, I was trying to peel an avocado, but it looked more like a butternut squash on the outside...and when I cut it open, it looked like an onion on the inside. Huge missed dreamsign, but then again, I'm not sure even if I did become lucid I would have wanted to eat what I was cooking, hah.

Ah, well I'm still hungry now >:

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.:Destined Dreamer:.
Astral Explorer
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PostPosted: Wed 30 May, 2012  Reply with quote

I've once tasted a hershey hugs kiss in my dream and when I bit into it, the contents spilled out with delicious tasate just like it does IRL. The solidness and the luster of the candy was exactly the same and the taste<3

Current LD goal(s): Meet my Spirit Guide
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almighty catfish
Best. Title. Ever
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PostPosted: Mon 04 Jun, 2012  Reply with quote

Food in my dreams is delicious and better tasting than IRL i reckon tounge2 the most memorable would have to be an awesome noodle stirfry I had while dreaming about an event of some kind.
But also in my lucid adventures I've had the opportunity to lick and eat other things too. Like seatbelts and clothing. Those aren't very nice >.<

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Lucid Initiate
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PostPosted: Thu 07 Jun, 2012  Reply with quote

I can't say I've exactly eaten food in a lucid dream. In fact, my next goal is to have a DC of mine make me some food. But from what I've heard from a few friends of mine is that the food can taste like normal or that it tastes even better in the dream. Like the famous cake example, for instance. My friend saw a cake, wanted to eat it and she told me that it was one of the best things she had ever eaten. Another one of my friends drank some soda and said it didn't taste any different. I suppose it just differentiates from person to person.

Current LD goal(s): I'd like to have fully lucid dreams at least twice a month
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Class 2 Lucid Dreamer
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PostPosted: Thu 07 Jun, 2012  Reply with quote

I have never eaten in a LD , but the next time i have one. I'm gonna eat a appel pie with cream and chocolate milk smile

Current LD goal(s): Eat apple pie , spray web like spiderman
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Novice dreamer
Novice dreamer
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PostPosted: Sun 01 Jul, 2012  Reply with quote

In one of my LD's I asked chinchilla pet why she is eating wallpaper from walls of my room. She replied "Dude this wallpaper is crazy, taste it yourself". So i did try it, and it was like popcorn, flat popcorn. :D

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This is not an apple
Dream Deity
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PostPosted: Sun 01 Jul, 2012  Reply with quote

I ate steamed fish with ripe mango, once. I expected it to taste weird, because I think that those are weird ingredients to put together, and it did. Another time I ate a garden salad. It was crunchy, perfectly seasoned, and pretty normal.

Just this weekend, when I had a fever and couldn't get up, and everyone in the house was too busy to bug me to eat, I dreamed of eating (forgot what, it was an unclear dream) and woke up feeling really full. Not like "I haven't eaten for so long that I can't even feel hunger anymore" but I felt full. It's no substitute for actual real physical nutrients, of course, so since I felt stronger and better, I went and ate some real food... but that was a really freaky-cool trick for my body to pull on itself.

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Lucid Initiate
Lucid Initiate
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PostPosted: Sun 01 Jul, 2012  Reply with quote

cytariel wrote:
In one of my LD's I asked chinchilla pet why she is eating wallpaper from walls of my room. She replied "Dude this wallpaper is crazy, taste it yourself". So i did try it, and it was like popcorn, flat popcorn. :D

Hahaha, that's awesome. :D

Current LD goal(s): To have at least three lucid dreams per week. UPDATE: Kinda owned this goal! =D
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