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Why do I get angry in my dreams?

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Novice dreamer
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Why do I get angry in my dreams?
PostPosted: Thu 04 Feb, 2016  Reply with quote

In my dreams sometimes I'll sometimes experience and control anger were all be shouting at people, yelling, throwing chairs and other objects, and completely unable to control myself.

The thing is, when I'm awake, I have no problem controlling my anger. Sometimes I remain so calm, and have such self control, one of my friends said she's never seen anything like it.

And the thing is I don't try to not be angry either, don't feel like things bother me, or I have to "fight" to stay calm, and I don't run of the passive either; I just naturally am able to manage my emotions very well.

This is to the point that I don't even consciously understand what it's like for a person not to be able to control their emotions or actions, and the only experience I have of uncontrollable rage where my body just does things on its own is in these dreams.

My question is, why do I lose control of my emotions in my dreams, but not in real life? I suspect it has something to do with my analytical mind overriding, and taking control in these situations, and somehow served pressing my more primal brain, but I'm not entirely sure.

I'm not passive. I can be aggressive, and if someone gets in my face a I will fight, or I will say what's on my mind, so I'm not just laying down either, but I try to deal with situations are dialogue and diplomacy, and use aggression and fighting as a last resort, but I still ultimately don't hold back in my behavior toward others.

Any thoughts, insights, or input would be appreciated! smile

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PostPosted: Wed 10 Feb, 2016  Reply with quote

Hi c_n12.
I have experienced this type of thing to an extent.
In waking live I am a very calm person that rarely resorts to violence and I have never picked a fight or thrown the first punch. But in the past when someone has initiated a fight with me I have removed all restraints for only a couple of seconds. This has resulted in a few cracked ribs and sore faces.(A feat I am NOT proud of). And I have always made sure they are OK afterwards.
In my dreams however, if someone initiates, the restraints come off and stay off.In the last dream this happened a guy thought I was talking to his girlfriend.He tried to fight me so I brutally bashed him in front of his girlfriend. And i didn't stop until his torso was laying in several pieces around some train tracks.

As for your uncontrollable anger, I'm not sure as to what is behind it but it may be a similar problem to mine.
I hope this helps in some way.

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PostPosted: Wed 10 Feb, 2016  Reply with quote

I have the same thing.

The rage in my dreams is of a kind that is unheard of IRL. It is cold, controlled, and wells up through my body to make me incredibly strong. If the dream isn't lucid, it results in me feeling awfully ashamed of myself. Not for being this angry, but for showing it in front of other people.

I very rarely get angry IRL. I am one of the people who keep anger inside me until it is impossible to hold back, but when it does, it comes out as words. In the rage dreams, it may come out as violence and destruction.

The rage dreams can feel cleansing and strengthening. I believe that they are a way for our minds to safely experience those extreme emotions, much like how nightmares do this for fear.

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