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PD Ouspensky

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PD Ouspensky
PostPosted: Sun 13 Jan, 2019  Reply with quote

In reading a book by Andrew Holecek, 'Dream Yoga' I came across a paragraph in the "Eastern LD induction techniques" section where he is talking about the lotus visualization.

He mentions an man named PD Ouspensky, and him writing about having a technique where he could voluntarily enter a lucid dream from a waking state.
Does anyone know what he is referring to? Ouspensky has so many books I do not even know where to begin.

Besides that, thanks for all the replies to previous posts, you guys are helpful smile

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PostPosted: Wed 30 Jan, 2019  Reply with quote

you can also go for the "Sleep" a Book by Charlie Morley lucid dreaming are very well explained there with multiple living examples. hope this could help you.

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PostPosted: Sat 02 Feb, 2019  Reply with quote

i read holocek's dream yoga and thought it was very interesting!

in the western tradition we would classify going straight from a waking state into a lucid dream as a WILD technique, for wake-induced lucid dreaming. there are a ton of variations of WILD techniques you can read about on these forums or by searching.

a quick search for ouspensky and dreaming brought me to this site that may have the info youre looking for: http://www.trionica.com/asp/viewpoints/Ouspensky.htm

the book they cite is "a new model of the universe" published in 1931.

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