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Shadow World - Anyone found something similar?

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Shadow World - Anyone found something similar?
PostPosted: Thu 11 Apr, 2019  Reply with quote

Sometimes I have dreams in what I feel to be like a Shadow world. Sometimes I will even get the information that such world is paralel to ours. Most probably this is just a fabrication of my mind, but I wonder if any one here as ever found a paralel or a shadow world.

In this world, there is a different feeling for this, like if things were near an end. There is some rush within the people in that world.

I think that it was also in this world that I travelled once to Southern Hemisphere (Australia to be precise) and I found that the colors there were different. The blu in the sky was more vibrant and beautiful. But also, the sun sets earlier in all the world itself.

Any experience like this?

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Mizz Rude
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Shadow World
PostPosted: Wed 17 Apr, 2019  Reply with quote

Absolutely! This realm I call the lower worlds.
To me they’re the collective subconscious. Often shadow selves or shadow beings reside here. I learn about denied aspects of myself or others/the collective. Does this resonate with you?

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