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Lucid Dream Reality Checks Don't Work Anymore

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Carl Fredrik Ahl
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Lucid Dream Reality Checks Don't Work Anymore
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I started lucid dreaming a few months ago. I got my first 3 lucid dreams on 1 night without using reality checks, but then I started to do it. The first time I tried it I tried to push my finger through my palm in my dream, which DIDN'T work, right after that I pinched my nose and tried to breathe, which DID work so I became lucid.

Last month I did 5 reality checks in total in my dreams and it didn't work anytime sadblauw.

When I'm awake and do my reality checks I do it in this order: Looking around and see if I can see anything unusual. Looking at the time 3 times and see if it changes. Try to do telekinesis. Pinch my nose and try to breathe 3 times. I always expect that I'm going to be able to breathe. Then I think about what I have done today, what I'm doing right now and what I will do later. In my dreams, the only thing I will do is pinch my nose and try to breathe which don't work now for some reason. I don't do the other things and I don't know why.

What could I do to make my reality checks work? Should I do my reality checks in another way, or do something additional? Am I doing anything wrong?

I have gotten a suggestion to change my reality check by looking at my palm instead of trying to breathe with pinched nose. It haven't showed up in my dreams yet.

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